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When you join Wilson Collective, you partner with two career-long hairdressers with integrity and a deep desire to actively support beauty professionals and their businesses. 



Two industry veterans, Phillip and Mary Wilson, who showcase and share the attributes of their brand with their selective and verified salon clients, started Wilson Collective. Together, they are deeply grateful for all this industry has provided them in regards to opportunities to learn, travel, share, educate, and motivate. They are committed to giving back, sharing and participating in the growth of the Professional Salon Industry.

Phillip Wilson has been in your shoes. He has been a hairdresser for over 40 years. In that time, he was a salon owner representing many wonderful brands over his tenure. Creativity and individuality motivate Phillip to always strive to surpass his own most recent successes. He is passionate about achieving excellence in all he does!
Phillip Wilson
Creative Director
Mary Wilson has been a hairdresser for 30+ years and has worked in many aspects of product development including: marketing, sales, education and schools. Mary is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, laughter yoga teacher and host of women’s wellness retreats and an avid cyclist. She has always believed the very best way to sell is to create beauty and to share your talents with your trusted clients. She also believes that in order to serve your clients, you need to be the healthiest and most balanced YOU and she is dedicated to helping you do that.
Mary Wilson

Commitment to Educating the whole person

We make haircare products from the finest rainforest-rich and natural ingredients with essential oil fragrances that protect and strengthen hair, and that’s most certainly not all we are about. Wilson Collective believes beauty comes from within and is expressed in your persona and your skills. Creating beauty is a personalized stylist-client experience, and we respect the best way to do that – in your chair.

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When you join the Wilson Collective as a member, you will be our direct customer and invited into our customer care circle, where we show you we care from day one.

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