KTX450 LT3 Titanium 1.25

Ultimate Pro Titanium 1.25 inch Iron

KTX®450 are a range of superior quality, titanium plated irons. They are perfect for all styling techniques, with the 1.25-inch version being specifically designed to support professional smoothing treatments. They are fast heating with the ability to provide temperatures of up to 450°F, making them ideal for all textures of hair. Turn on the power and your iron will be ready in seconds!



KTX®450 FEATURES 1.25 Features:

Keratin Specialized : The best at smoothing & straightening treatments that demand stable and consistent temperature. Ensures optimum results of the treatment.

Titanium Plates : Quick and even heat distribution. Extremely durable and resistant to chemical corrosion.

Korean Rapid Digital Heater : Accelerated heat up and zero recovery time, guaranteeing the consistent performance needed for all styling and smoothing techniques

Fiberglass-Poly Housing : Resists high heat and has a non-slip finish. Warp-free and highly durable.

Dual Voltage : Style during your travels. KTX450 works perfectly in 120V and 220V.

Made in Korea